Saturday, April 24, 2010

Buster Olney knows why Roy won

Buster Olney's blog post today has some stats on why Roy has been effective - other than, "He was pitching against the Pirates."

A) Hitters were 1-for-11 against his off-speed pitches (3-for-31 over past three starts)

B) Despite throwing only 56 percent first-pitch strikes (below MLB average of 58), only three of 27 hitters faced saw a 2-0 count and only two saw a 3-ball count.

C) He averaged 3.37 pitches per plate appearance (best in his last seven starts); threw four pitches or less to 22 of 27 hitters (81 percent; MLB avg: 65)


Steven Kammerman said...

He's just too good. I know it's blasphemy but the Stros should trade him for all the prospects they can get. The team is going nowhere during his prime.

OremLK said...
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OremLK said...

I would tend to agree, Steven; also, many don't realize this, but Wandy is 31, only a year younger than Roy. Lance Berkman is, of course, 34.

If our run differential is bad at the trade deadline (regardless of whether we're "in it" or not based on our record), I would like to see us try and trade all three of them to contenders for prospects.

With those prospects, plus the young players we already have (Bourn, Pence, Norris, Paulino, Castro, Lyles, Mier, and a few others), and two more good drafts, we could be ready to contend for a good long time starting in 2012 or 2013.