Saturday, April 17, 2010

BBTIA has an inside look into The Apparatus

This link will take you to a post from Baseball Time In Arlington, which links to a different post in which a former Astros intern dishes on The Apparatus, circa 2007. It's alarming, and horrifying, and should be qualified as hearsay. But still. I'm not going to pull the whole thing, but here's the gist:

-The scouts hate Moneyball, but haven't read it.

-A local first round pick had "make-up" concerns, which means they pretty much all knew he was on PEDs, and later did test positive.

-The Apparatus has nothing in the way of sabermetric analysis. This intern taught them how to use Excel. The Assistant GM was only interested in a certain catcher's batting average, and was in the Majors quickly, where "he has been a huge disappointment for the club."



tpack said...

Crazy. Any guesses on who those players are??

C-J.R. Towles?

Will said...

If anything proves the anti-Astro groupthink endemic among the sabermetric clowns, this post is it. Some anonymous dude on the internet makes comments about an unnamed team and not only do they believe it's true and accurate, they believe it MUST be the Astros.

"See, it confirms what we already though we know."

What idiots. I am beginning to really despise these people, and not because they always, always, always bitch and criticize my team, but because they adamantly believe they are fair and logical in their analysis when they are anything but. They are smug, arrogant assholes. They all just echo each other's opinion and use that as their arguments against Ed Wade's stewardship. "Everybody knows Ed Wade is terrible, therefore he must be."

Joe said...

WOW POST OF THE YEAR WILL. This is somebody I would go to battle with.