Thursday, March 18, 2010

Zach Levine's Deep Thoughts

So, big captip to the Chronicle for having a ton of new content this morning. Zach Levine has some observations from Spring Training:

On Wandy's two home runs yesterday:
He thought Willy Taveras would be taking on a first pitch and grooved him a fastball. It was the same kind of pitch he threw to Josh Willingham when it was a full count and the Astros had a six-run lead.

On Alberto Arias:
Alberto Arias is up to eight days on the shelf and counting. Thursday will be nine and will feature a bullpen session of roughly 25-30 pitches, and Arias hopes to pitch in a minor league game next.

On Maysonet:
I actually think he'd be a very nice fit if he can play some corner outfield. It would leave center field without much in the way of backup as Jason Michaels isn't ideal for the big center field, but Michael Bourn has shown that he doesn't have to sit against lefties anymore and doesn't seem particularly injury-prone.

I have to agree with Levine on Maysonet. Bourgeois and Sullivan aren't killing the ball, and if Maysonet can fill more than one role, he'll be a good fit.

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