Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Youngstros and Energy

The Chronicle's one-man show filed another report on the youth of the Astros (funnily referring to the 2009 team as the "GeriAstros."):

“Any time that you have a young guy, you're going to get a lot of energy and a lot of enthusiasm because they're just now starting to go through it. Any time that you have a ballclub like this, you try to keep a good mix together.”

Manzella, who is young:
“Younger players are more eager to impress with work ethic because they are still trying to figure out what they need to get ready for the season. Usually you'll see a little bit more intensity, a little more hop in their step, especially in practices.”

As Berkman and Oswalt near the end of their contracts with their futures uncertain, the Astros are looking for a group to form a new younger core.

A weak farm system has prevented a groundswell of players from breaking in at once, but the Astros are hoping this slight movement is a start to a young homegrown base.