Tuesday, March 2, 2010

We interrupt this message for a brief moment of delusion

I don't harp on Roger Clemens. My reasons are many: he could still whoop my rear, it's not fair to his family (not that I imagine they care about what a blogger thinks), I'm still hoping that Koby will do a little interview for AC, and what is there to gain from ripping Roger Clemens?

However, in an interview with The Trentonian, the Rocket says some things of note:

When asked about his public image:
Well, my public image is great...

There's more, but I just thought you should see that. I'm not going to disagree, but I don't agree 100%, either. There are a lot of opinions of Roger Clemens today, and I would be very surprised if the majority of them were positive.

Let's move on. On whether or not he'll coach:
People ask me if im coaching and I’ll see the kids and the kids will come over to me and ask questions whether it be pitching or just anything. They still think I’m in great shape, and they always ask, ‘Do you want to coach,’ and I’ll say, ‘If I’m going to coach I might as well just go ahead and play because the travel is still the same.

On Koby:
He had a breakout year again last year. He’s got his eye set on certain goals, he’s 23 now and he’s a young man. Every once in a while we’ll talk about pitching and different sequences and how to handle a staff. And he caught probably about four major league pitchers this off-season and he handled them very well. So the next couple of years for him are going to be real important and if he doesn’t make it, he’ll go back to school and study and move on. But right now, he’s chasing his dreams.

It's interesting that Roger focused on Koby's catching abilities, because if Koby has a future in the organization, it's almost certainly going to be at a position other than catcher.