Thursday, March 18, 2010

Wandy working on a change we can believe in

In reaction to yesterday's win over the Nationals, Alden Gonzalez focuses on Wandy's new weapon: the changeup.

"We didn't use it much [last year] because it wasn't sinking, so I didn't call for it as much. I asked for the curveball instead. But now that it's sinking, we're going to use it more during the season."

"He was pretty much fastball -- two-seam, four-seam -- and hook, and he featured that changeup [last year]. But he's in the process of trying to throw it again for strikes and in counts that dictate, 'I need a swing here,' and then other counts where, 'I want a swing out of the zone.'

"There were times even today where I think the hitters might have been sitting on [the changeup], and it's still ducking the zone. He's got nice life to it."