Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Wade and Mills impressed with Towles' improvement, not looking for catching

McTaggart has some reaction to the cuts made today, and Mills/Wade address the catching situation.

Mills, on Towles:
"What I've seen on film and from talking to people, he seemed to improve. The way he's gone about his business has been successful. He's got experience at the Major League level, and I think the way he's handled himself this spring has been very good. We're looking forward to the things he has to offer and bring to the ballclub."

Mills, on Castro:
"He did everything we asked. He showed why he is the prospect he is. There's no reason to think [with] his performance this spring he's not going to be a solid Major League catcher for a long time."

Wade, on more catching:
"We're not out looking for catching. Before that becomes misinterpreted as maybe we're not satisfied with what we have in camp, we're more than satisfied in the context to have to send Jason Castro out. Millsie wants to wait to set his lineup, and I don't want anybody to misunderstand or [think] there's a hidden meaning or that we're trolling for a catcher. That's not the case."

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