Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Update on C1

USA Today has been spending quite a lot of time with the Astros lately, and today Seth Livingstone turns his attention to the Battle for C1, or as I like to call it, "The Race for Round Rock."

Ed Wade:
"J.R. and Jason are both showing that they're capable of being our opening day guy. J.R. is obviously more experienced at this point. Jason has only a year-and-a-half of professional experience but we think he's a guy who can eventually hit .280-.285 in the big leagues with 20 homers."

Towles, while sharpening his knife:
"He's their No. 1 prospect. Obviously they think a lot of him. I think it's one of those things were I'm going to push him and he's going to push me."

Not our #1 prospect. Their #1 prospect. Anyway. You know who won't make the decision? Roy Oswalt, with an...interesting close:
"I don't know what their plans are right now. I have no say in it. They don't ask me nothing. They put a guy back there and say, 'throw to him.' But it's good to have a relationship with your catcher. A lot of guys think you can just throw to anybody back there and they're going to do a good job. I try to explain it like this: a guy likes one model bat. If he likes a K100 and you give him a J143, he might not like it as much. So you have to try to work together. All the guys are trying to learn. The favorite one I had is in LA right now. But you work with what you've got and hope it comes around."

That's, uh...brutal?