Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A tale of two pitchers

You have Roy Oswalt. And you have Brian Moehler. And you have two very different results. Zach Levine has some reaction:

"I actually feel better mechanics than I did all year last year. The ball is coming out of my right...It's been great, the guys have been great, the new guys coming in with Brad (Mills) and Arnie, the pitching coach, have been great. There's a better life around the clubhouse, and it's been fun coming to the park."

"I felt much better today than I felt last time out, so I was pleased with it. A couple pitches I'd like to have back, but overall, I felt good with everything."

Mills, on Moehler's next start:
"With our other split-squad game coming up, we're going to see where we lie with our pitching. We're not going to really make comments on that right now because we're still in the early process of doing that right now."