Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Tal Smith the reason Nolan left?

FoxSports has a near-nocturnal emissions-worthy profile on Rangers president and owner-to-be Nolan Ryan. But we see some background on why Nolan left the Astros. Twice.

He already had that kind of role with the Astros, where owner Drayton McLane enjoyed having the Texas icon hanging around, but the feeling within the organization was president Tal Smith did not welcome Ryan's presence. Smith had been the general manager when Ryan, after the 1979 season, signed with Houston as a free agent. Then-Astros owner John McMullen not only overruled Smith, who opposed the signing, but replaced Smith as the general manager a year later.

There's no indication as to why Tal wouldn't welcome Ryan's presence. Fame, demeanor, smell, whatever. Still, this is pretty interesting.