Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Recap for ST20: Astros v. Mets

What Happened?
The Astros made another pitcher look like he's in mid-season form as Johan Santana and the Mets defeated the Astros 5-2 today.

Why They Lost
The pitching was okay, this time it was the defense that did in the Astros. Chris Johnson (fielding), Matt Kata (throwing), and Mark Ori (fielding) all made errors leading to three unearned runs which, obviously, provided the difference in today's game. Of course, Johan Santana helped, too - throwing 5.2IP, 8H/2ER, 2K:1BB, and then the Astros getting two hits and striking out five times over the next 3.1IP.

Astros pitching
Casey Daigle did a pretty great job in his spot start today, throwing 4IP, 3H/1R (0ER), 4K:0BB, and throwing 36 of his 55 pitches for strikes. The only earned runs came off the left hand of Tim Byrdak, who gave up a 2-out, 2-run homer to Daniel Murphy in the 6th that gave the Mets a 3-2 lead. Lindstrom and Wright had perfect outings, while Fulchino gave up 2H/2R (0ER) and an HBP in his IP.

Astros batting
The Astros actually managed ten hits, two each from Keppinger, Lee, and Johnson (who hit a homer off of Santana, his 4th of the Spring), and hits from Ori, Garciaparra, Maysonet, and Daigle rounded out the day. The Astros were 2x7 with RISP, Geoff Blum got himself two GIDPs, and Garciaparra was caught stealing second.

0-fers (more than one AB): Sullivan (0x2), Pence (0x4), Blum (0x3), Castro (0x2), Barnes (0x2), Towles (0x3)

Positional Battles

Castro: 0x2, K, two SBs allowed (.360)
Towles: 0x3, K (.400)

Johnson: 2x4, RBI, K (.325)
Maysonet: 1x4, R, K (.345)

Sullivan: 0x2, K, BB (.231)

Man of the Match
Casey Daigle. I don't think there's room for him on the roster, but he's getting himself in line for a call-up if there's an injury.

Goat of the Game
This could go to a few people. Blum, 0x3 with 2GIDPs. Or Pence: 0x4 with 5LOB. Both of 'em get a Goat.

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