Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Recap for ST11: Astros v. Red Sox

What Happened?
Astros pitching shut down the Red Sox' bats in a 3-0 win over the Fightin' Franconas.

Why They Won
Jon Lester wasn't quite as sharp as Roy Oswalt. Roy threw 4IP, 2H/0ER, 1K:1BB, facing 13 batters to get 12 outs as the Astros rolled up two double plays on the day. Carlos Lee managed to avoid not keeling over as he ran the final 90 feet to score on Jon Lester's wild pitch to provide the winning run in the 4th.

Astros pitching
Oswalt enjoyed the best start of the Spring by any Astro starter, but the bullpen of Lindstrom, Fulchino, Gervacio, Majewski, and Wright held the Red Sox to two hits over the final five innings. Best news of the day: Astros pitchers struck out six and only walked two. Gervacio helped himself out by picking off Sheely at first base. If Gervacio can keep this up, he'll find himself on the Big Team while Wesley Wright goes to Round Rock to turn himself into a starter, even though that would only leave one LHP in the bullpen.

Astros batting
There wasn't a whole lot going on with the Astros' bats, but they did enough to win - which is going to have to be a theme in 2010. The Astros got hits from Matsui, Kata, two from Towles, and one from Esposito, Lee, Sullivan, and Quintero.

0-fers (more than one AB): Bourn (0x2), Johnson (0x2), Shelton (0x3), Manzella (0x3)

Positional Battles

Towles: 2x3 (.550)
Esposito: 1x1 (.250)
Quintero: 1x3 (.211)

Sullivan: 1x3 (.150)

Man of the Match
Roy Oswalt.

Goat of the Game
Hard to say, this was a good performance all around. Bourn was 0x2 to drop his Spring average to .115, but did draw a walk (as did Chris Johnson). How about we give it to Chris Shelton - 0x3 with two Ks and a GIDP.