Wednesday, March 24, 2010

"Play well right away"

Nice article by Bernardo Fallas on the emphasis being placed on starting the season maybe better than 3-7.

Kaz Matsui drops profundity on us:
“We all want to have a good start. A good start means the team is going to win.”

But injuries have complicated the promise of a fast start, says Mills:
“We have to take care of who we have. Our desire is to play well right away. We hope we are able to do that with whomever we put on the field, but we are not going to let that ambition hinder anything that we want to do with these players or take the chance of hurting one even more.”

"I am completely satisfied with the way we have prepared. We can talk about the tone and the atmosphere that Millsie and the coaches have created, but I think more importantly, the work itself, to me, has been exemplary. Obviously health always plays a part, and there is no guarantee that we get off to a fast start. … But from the standpoint of doing our best to prepare to be our best, I don't think we could have done anything else."

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