Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Play the infield, Cinderelli, Play the outfield, Cinderelli

Fallas' Notes column highlights the emphasis on versatility in those players looking to land on the bench - and not in Round Rock - in 2010.

So when you have six outfielders fighting over two spots, you want to maximize where they can play. That's why Edwin Maysonet was shagging balls in the outfield, and Cory Sullivan was taking grounders in the infield.

Ed Wade:
“There are important decisions to make. When you carry 12 pitchers and two catchers, you're a five-man bench. So keep in mind, those extra four men have to be versatile.”
And one more note, from Mills on a now-healthy Alberto Arias:
"He's got such good stuff. If we're able to get him in situations, we can use him probably in a middle-type role.”