Monday, March 29, 2010

"One Scout" deserves to have his license taken away

In Jon Heyman's column today, he goes around the camps, giving Brad Mills the Tough Luck award, thanks to all the injuries:

"Everyone has injuries. You might have three hamstrings, two quads ... but you can't pick from a list."

We see that the Astros expect to have Roy back in time to start Opening Day.

But then we see ridiculousness. If this is what "one scout" gets paid to do, it's easy money:

The Cardinals "can really hit,'' according to one scout. They have the best hitter in the game (Albert Pujols), signed the best hitting free agent (Matt Holliday) and perhaps the best hitter among bench players (Felipe Lopez)."

Oh yeah? The Cardinals can hit? That's newsworthy...

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