Friday, March 26, 2010

Now this is just getting ridiculous

Bernardo Fallas is tweeting that Roy Oswalt left today's Spring Training game with a mild hamstring strain. McTaggart follows that up with a report that Roy will be checked out by team physician Dr. David Lintner in Houston.

Back in 2007, the Yankees experienced a rash of injuries that lead to the firing of the team's conditioning coach after Phil Hughes, Chien-Ming Wang, Mike Mussina, and Hideki Matsui went down with various muscle pulls and strains. I'm not saying that anybody should be fired, but the game-related injuries on this team are getting ridiculous.

Wrote Jon Heyman:
Though the rash of similar injuries possibly could be explained by bad luck, Cashman determined that cause and effect could not be ruled out. Sources say Miller's methods were not popular with the Yankees, and the players were in near-revolt over the situation. Miller's approach included a de-emphasis of running as a way to build leg strength.

Alyson Footer has a quote from Roy:
"It's nothing. I could have kept pitching. But I'm not going to fight them over another spring training inning."