Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Michael Bourn and his 140 Strikeouts

So after reading this morning about how Michael Bourn wants to cut down on his strikeouts, I got to wondering about those strikeouts. He said:

"I would love to cut down on my strikeouts. I like being aggressive; when I am too passive that's when I strike out more."

Is that true? Let's look at each and every one of Bourn's strikeouts.

Games in which Bourn struck out twice: 31
Games in which Bourn struck out three times: 2
Games in which Bourn struck out four times: 1

Vs. LHP: 35 (22.9%)
VS. RHP: 105 (20%)

Home: 71 (21.4%)
Away: 69 (19.9%)

In Astros Wins: 57 (17.7%)
In Astros Losses: 83 (23.3%)

Leading Off Game: 21 (17.2%)
Leading Off Inning: 43 (15.8%)

After First-Pitch Strike: 94 (27.6%)
After First-Pitch Ball: 46 (16.9%)

Bases Empty: 95 (20.6%)
RBI Situations: 45 (20.8%)
w/RISP: 24 (19.4%)

1st-3rd innings: 51 (20.2%)
4th-6th innings: 39 (20.1%)
7th-9th innings: 47 (24.2%)

vs. SP: 93 (19.5%)
vs. RP: 47 (27.0%)

Strikeouts Swinging: 103 (73.6%)
Strikeouts Looking: 37 (26.4%)

The most telling of all this to me is the last one: 103 strikeouts that were of the swinging variety, 37 of which were looking. So this would indicate to me that, at the very least, Bourn thinks of a "passive at-bat" in a different way than I do, in that three-quarters of his strikeouts were swinging.

I think Bourn is aggressive enough, and if he's trying to be more aggressive, well...we'll just have to see what exactly that means.

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Peanut said...

What Bourn probably meant is that he gets himself into bad situations by not swinging at good pitches early. By being passive, he'll get himself behind in the count and have to face more pitchers' pitches than hitters' pitches. Thus, having to hit behind in the count, he'll wind up striking out more.

Here's hoping he can pull it off.