Monday, March 1, 2010

Lyon getting close

Brian McTaggart reports that Brandon Lyon is close to returning to the mound, and is the only pitcher to be behind schedule at this point in Spring Training.

Ed Wade:
"They think, from a health standpoint, he's fine and he just needs to continue to build the strength up. My guess is probably early in the week he'll get up on the mound, and we'll let him throw and continue to get comfortable with his surroundings. We're still of the mind he's going to be fine."

"When I first got here, I had no strength at all, and it came back really quick. I was expecting it to keep coming back really quick, and after talking to Dr. Lintner, he said 'Your strength will come back slower than you think.' I was really excited it was going to be really speedy, and now it's not going as fast as I expected it, but it's coming, and I'm moving along. Every day something gets better, whether my flexibility or a little bit of strength comes."