Thursday, March 4, 2010


Okay, that's freaking it. Sports Illustrated's Tim Marchman ranked all 30 MLB GMs. According to what, I'm not sure. There are two pages of this article, and I bet you can guess where Marchman put Ed Wade. Yep, second page. In fact, only Dayton Moore ranked worse than Ed Wade on Marchman's list:

Did you realize that six of eight Astros regulars were 33 or older last year? That five of the six pitchers who got the most starts -- two of whom were Brian Moehler and Mike Hampton -- were 30 or older? And that the team has arguably the worst farm system in baseball? Wade isn't to blame for all of this. But he certainly hasn't done anything about it.

Yesterday, The Crawfish Boxes had an excellent defense of Ed Wade, and I'll post my defense tonight, after the Mrs. has gone to bed. This will address the problem the national media has with our General Manager, and how idiotic those problems are.