Monday, March 1, 2010

Lineups for Wednesday's Intra-Squad game

Alyson Footer posted pictures of Meach's Mashers vs. Clark's Crushers in Wednesday's intra-squad game:

If you're too lazy to click it, I'll fill you in:

Meach's Mashers
1. Koby Clemens - 1B
2. Chris Johnson - 3B
3. T.J. Steele - OF
4. Cory Sullivan - DH
5. Brian Bogusevic - OF
6. Edwin Maysonet - SS
7. Drew Meyer - 2B
8. Jason Bourgeois - OF
9. Kevin Cash - C / Lou Santangelo - C

Pitchers: Moehler, Lindstrom, Loux, Lopez, Villar, Trinidad, Lo, Valdez.

Clark's Crushers
1. Chris Shelton - 1B
2. Jonathan Meyer - 3B
3. Alex Romero - RF
4. Jon Gaston - DH
5. Drew Locke - LF
6. Wladimir Sutil - SS
7. Oswaldo Navarro - 2B
8. Yordany Ramirez - CF
9. Brian Esposito - C / Federico Hernandez - C

Pitchers: Norris, Byrdak, Fulchino, Bazardo, Banks, Nevarez, Englebrook, Abad.

Who you got?


Peanut said...

A dollar on the Mashers.

Ryan Sides said...

I would say the same based on lineups, but who's tossing? Same pitchers to both sides, maybe?

Ryan Sides said...

So I see the pitchers below, but who's for which team? (the question I should have asked...)

Steve Duer said...

Most significant thing in this line up is K. Clemens @ 1b. Add that mitt to his collection.

Patrick said...

Indeed. Imagine that's an indication of what Koby's role will be in Corpus.

The only guy that is participating in this game that played short season ball last year is Jonathan Meyer. I wonder if he's impressed in mini camp or if this just speaks volumes of the orgs lack of depth at 3B

OremLK said...

Ed Wade actually said as much in a live chat a couple months ago. He said (I'm paraphrasing) that Bobby Heck had suggested Koby Clemens be moved to first base, and Wade agreed with him.