Monday, March 15, 2010

Fixler Files, Vol. 2

Over at Farmstros, Jonathan Fixler has been providing updates from Spring Training. Here's a pull from Fixler on Tyler Lumsden and Chris Salamida:

This afternoon, one of the pens I caught was for Tyler Lumsden. He appears to be at full strength (last years suffering from some arm soreness) and with his clean bill of health he is throwing with greater velocity, had great control over his off speed pitches, and seems to be right on track for the season. The first day of live batting practice I was extremely impressed with Chris Salamida. In the past year Sal has changed his arm slot to throw from underneath, and it is apparent he has grown more comfortable, having become more precise with the location of his fastball and increased the depth on his slider.

Good stuff - so head over to Farmstros and check out the previous post.


Patrick said...

That would be nice if Lumsden can come around this season. I feel like we got hosed on that deal with the Royals of Lumsden for Jordan Parraz given Parraz's performance last year....hopefully it's just the early returns that are one-sided

Peanut said...

I was pretty surprised to see Parraz put up big numbers this year, but a BA writer mentioned a while back that he isn't expected to contribute in the big leagues. No great loss, apparently, and the Astros have decent outfield prospect depth anyway.

Steve said...
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Steve Duer said...

Parraz needed a change of scenery. It was a good trade for him but I don't think it was Wades' best deal. Time will tell.