Sunday, March 21, 2010

Don't get too excited about beating up Papelbon, says WEEI felt it necessary to let everyone know that Papelbon was "lackadaisical" because of anti-migraine medication he had taken about an hour before the game:

“You could tell the whole inning, he wasn’t himself. He got his work in. The flip side of that is he didn’t fare very well.”

“It’s just one of those days. I tried to get my work in, but it’s one of those lull days of spring training. It’s not like I felt like I had a migraine going into my outing or anything. It’s just that I was real lackadaisical, not much energy in me. … I’m really just trying to throw the ball in the zone and let players get themselves out. Unfortunately, they were hitting it hard around the whole ballpark.”

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