Wednesday, March 10, 2010

C-Lo and his perfect imperfections

Brian McTaggart has a new article on Taiwanese pitcher Chia-Jen Lo, and not surprisingly, learning English is the hardest part.

He's got a good arm and good stuff and has good poise on the mound and doesn't seem to be in awe of the fact he's playing in a foreign environment, and I think he's put his best foot forward. I think he grasps enough on his own that some point in time he may not have Justin all the time with him, and that's why at some point we think it's important for him to establish some greater foundation of English, because that will help him progress even more rapidly."

On C-Lo's role:
"I'm not sure the development guys have really gotten their arms around whether starting is eventually going to be the thing for him. It may be more of a bullpen role, and it could be a significant bullpen role."