Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Bourn has a perpetual green light, and OF5 better have some speed

McTaggart's pre-game notes cover a variety of topics, but two of note:

Mills, on what he wants in an OF5:
"You really need somebody that can run. They need to add something, like a pinch-hitter or be able to run They really need to be able to complement the rest of the lineup, but the same time we don't want to kill those [the starters] either. If we have somebody who move all around and play all three positions, that's great."

And Michael Bourn can run whenever he wants:
Mills expects to be aggressive on the bases and said Michael Bourn will have permission to steal second any time he wants to go in the regular season..."He's got the green light to go any time," Mills said.

For OF5, it's hard to know exactly who he may have in mind. That could be Yordany, Bourgeois, or Sullivan.