Friday, March 12, 2010

Berkman needs surgery, could miss Opening Day

So says Brian McTaggart. This is a huge blow - obviously - with major impact on the organization. Let's look (whilst I have a break):

1. The Astros now need a first baseman. Because, and I have no information to back this up, but I'm guessing this is not a 2-week injury - which is the soonest McTaggart says he can come back. So Blum could be seeing a lot more time in the lineup. And this could impact the IF6 spot, as well.

2. This impacts the possibility of the Astros picking up Berkman's option in 2011. $2m is a lot more attractive than $15m if Berkman has a dodgy knee.

What do you think?


OremLK said...

Try not to overreact too much. It's just arthroscopic knee surgery to clear out some debris, the same thing Moehler had in the off-season; the estimate of 2-4 weeks is probably a little optimistic, but not too much so. I expect Berkman to miss the first week of the season, maybe two; all of April (22 games) at the very most. It's about as non-invasive as a surgery can get.

As for getting another first baseman--we should be fine with Chris Shelton (.909 triple-A OPS in 2009, .979 in 2008). He's having a nice Spring Training, too.

Andrew said...

What I'd like to see them do: for the duration of Berkman's injury, move Lee to 1st and try out someone like Locke or Bogusevic in LF. That allows us to see a) if Lee can play a passable 1st, which would add to his trade value if they want to explore that in the off-season, and b) evaluate one of the farmhand OFs and see if they can contribute at a ML level

What they will do: slot Shelton in a 1st, which would not necessarily be a bad thing, though it would be less interesting.

jphelps said...

Berman gets mysterious injuries every spring. Not saying he's being lazy or entitled, but a pattern has developed, as it does with many star players.