Sunday, February 28, 2010

What Tejada said to Manzella

In Bernardo Fallas' Notes column we get a glimpse at what Miguel Tejada taught Tommy Manzella last September, when Manzella was doing all that sitting around.

“We talked about how important it is for you to be out there every day. He said that, obviously, it is a long season and your body is going to bark at you a little bit and tell you that you need a day off. But he said some of those days, when he felt like that, that's when he played his best games.

“He said it is really important to pace yourself — it's a long season — but understand that you're needed on the field every day. And when you're less than 100 percent, you make sure you keep the same kind of approach in a game because you don't want anyone around you to know whether you're feeling good that day or feeling a little stiff.”

I guess "Avoid Jeremy Schaap" was just a given.