Thursday, February 11, 2010

What are other teams who lost players to the Astros saying?

It's Spring Training preview day, apparently, because all 30 teams have Spring Training previews up. Catch what I did there? Logic.

Anyhow, what did the teams who lost players to the Astros say about them?

Marlins, on Lindstrom:
The hard-throwing right-hander entered last year as the closer, but he had some shoulder problems, and later on had forearm/elbow issues. Lindstrom had a rough year, and he was traded in December to the Astros.

Phillies, on Feliz:
He will be playing third base for the Astros this season. The Phils will miss his glove.

Tigers, on Lyon:
The Tigers gave some effort toward re-signing Lyon before he landed a three-year, $15 million deal in Houston and Detroit turned its attention towards Valverde. Not many relievers could duplicate Lyon's second-half dominance, but a healthy Zumaya would go a long way toward replacing Lyon in his previous eighth-inning role.