Tuesday, February 9, 2010

We'll see you in 2011, Jose Vallejo

Alyson Footer is reporting that Jose Vallejo, who came over from Texas in the Pudge trade, will be out for most of 2010.

He'll have surgery on Wednesday to repair tendons in his 4th/5th fingers, that he injured when his hand ran over a knife blade he was using to cut meat DURING CHRISTMAS.

A couple of things: my wife is the one who does the cooking in the house (I do the cleaning. It works for us. It's called "playing to our strengths.") I've never seen her slide her hand over the sharp end of a knife. So either he's clumsy - a bad trait for a 2B - or he was drunk, or he's an idiot. Or it was an honest mistake. One that should have been taken care of at the end of December, not two weeks before the start of Spring Training.

And now, an update on how Vallejo hurt himself:
Wade said the injury occurred during a cooking accident around Christmas in the Dominican Republic when Vallejo was roasting a pig. Wade said the 23-year-old stabbed the pig with a knife, but he hit bone and cut himself when his hand slid down the knife.

The Astros weren't made aware of the injury until more than a week later.

And that makes Ed Wade...maaaaad!
We should have been made aware at the time it occurred. He and his agent [Steve Schneider] opted not to let us know at that time. He opted to have it taken care of in the Dominican Republic and didn't let us know. We weren't as front-loaded into the process as we'd like to be. It's unfortunate and we feel badly for the kid."

But not so badly that they won't immediately replace him. So who does this benefit? Drew Meyer, who spent 99 games as Corpus' 2B, and hit .291/.362/.395. Or maybe Edwin Maysonet, who should get regular playing time if'n he doesn't make the team out of Spring Training.