Saturday, February 20, 2010

That's "Camp Mills" to you

Brian McTaggart's report on the first practice of Spring Training was, of course, complimentary.

"Camp Mills was very well organized, and it was everything he said it was going to be. It was organized, it was smaller groups, it was quick and it was good. It was very efficient and we got a lot of work in a short amount of time."

Lindstrom, saying all the right things:
"I've heard nothing but good things about the Houston Astros organization. I liked pitching at Minute Maid the last three years going there, and I think general manager Ed Wade did a nice job bringing some guys in and hopefully it will take us over the top."

"I couldn't think of a better day. Brad is very energetic and hands-on with the players, which I respect a lot. We had fun today, and I couldn't tell you that my first day of Spring Training in the past seven, eight years was fun for me. It always felt like hard work. We worked hard today, but they made it fun doing the hard work. When I go home tonight and sit back and realize how much we did, I'll go, 'You know, we did work hard today,' but they made it go by so fast and made it so much fun, you had to have that extra step. Instead of standing around all the time, we were moving all day today, so it was good."

"They were very good. I loved the energy level and how they went about their business. I only saw this side of camp. I didn't get a chance to see the other side of the camp, but from what I understand, it went real well. That's what we're tying to get accomplished."