Friday, February 26, 2010

Scott Miller's Five Things to Know About the Astros

And some of these are new to me:

1. The Astros look different, but aren't rebuilding. Berkman:
We are not in a rebuilding mode. We've got guys here who can really do things. I think our pitching staff is a lot better than it was a year ago. Our defense is good. Health is a big factor. We've got some older guys who are going to be called on. We've got to stay healthy. Roy (Oswalt) has to stay on the mound."

Question: What's different about the pitching staff from last year to this year? Moehler doesn't have a guaranteed spot? Valverde and Hawkins are gone?

2. 2009's offense sucked. More Berkman:
"Offensively, I really could care less. We went to the World Series with probably the worst offense in history. So you can throw that out right there. If we have pitching and defense, we have enough offense to support that."

Read: All we need to keep the other team to is one run. We got that.

3-5: I have no idea what Miller is saying...