Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Please, no

Bernardo Fallas' new blog post poses the question, "Should the Astros sign Willy Taveras?"

And while the question is valid, because there's not much else to talk about, Fallas lays out the pros and cons.

For one, he is a known commodity.
And he would bolster the outfield depth.
Also, if healthy, he can put up decent numbers - his career high for stolen bases is 68 in 2008. He is a career .276 batter with a .321 OBP.

Taveras is due to make good money this year (about $4 million) under the contract he signed with the Reds...
...Also, the Astros don't have room on the 40-man roster and would have only a minor-league spot to offer him. With an invitation to spring training, of course.
And finally, the Astros already signed Cory Sullivan and Jason Michaels for outfield depth. Taveras does provide something the other two don't: speed.

You know who else would fill all of these needs: Yordany Ramirez. Young, cheap, fast. Just look:

I would think about using my Lucky Astros Shirt as a poo-scoop if the Astros entertained the idea of signing Willy Taveras.


tpack said...

Agreed. Especially considering the potential logjam we have building for those AAA OF spots.

Maybe we give Fallas a reprieve as news is slow and he's new on the job

OremLK said...

I agree completely. The possibility crossed my mind too, when I saw he'd been DFA'd, but then I looked at the cliff he'd fallen off the last couple years (not that he was ever what I'd call "good").

.559 OPS? Mike Hampton is a better batter than that.

The Constable. said...

+1 to each of you. One for Fallas' clemency (I agree - there's not a whole lot going on). One for Hampton's great OPS comment.

tpack said...

How do yall see the

1) 2 OF reserve positions in Houston


2) the 3 starting OF positions at RR

filling out?

The Constable. said...

Good question. Some quick thoughts:

Two reserve OF positions:
Michaels is a lock, and I would guess that OF5 would go Bourgeois or Ramirez. With the odd man out filling one of the three Round Rock positions, leaving...

Drew Locke and Brian Bogusevic to be your RROF.

tpack said...

I like that. Will be fun to see what Locke does in AAA and if Bogusevic improves in his second full season as an everyday player. Not to mention if Ramirez ever puts it all together.

Do you think DeLome gets to AAA this year/does he deserve to?

The Constable. said...

DeLome is a good question. He'll be 24, and with his .788 OPS and his position, I could see it going either way. Maybe another year in Double-A, where he can play every day, wouldn't be the worst thing.

OremLK said...

I hope we sign Felipe Lopez for a discount one-plus-option deal and run with four outfielders on the 25-man, personally.

Peanut said...

Not that it'll make much of a difference, but I'll bet a nickel on Sullivan winning the job out of ST. He hits left-handed, plays all 3 outfield positions, and has big-league experience off the bench.

Blum will likely be getting a fair amount of starts, during which the team would be left with no left-handed bench options. I have a hard time believing they'll go forward without the ability to call on another lefty PH. Sullivan's the player who best meets the needs of the team right now in that regard.

OremLK said...

Peanut, that's another reason I'm favor of a Felipe Lopez signing. Both Lopez and Matsui are switch hitters, which is nice to have off the bench. So whichever one wins the starting 2B job (probably Lopez), the other one is a valuable pinch hitter/utility infielder.

Sure, we only have four outfielders, but if it comes down to that I'm sure Lopez or Keppinger could jump into the OF without damaging our win probability by an significant amount.

The Constable. said...

+1 to Peanut for the Cory Sullivan prediction. Excellent point.

And let's not forget that, in a pinch, Berkman can play RF if needed, and Keppinger/Blum could slide over to first. This is your typical worst-case scenario, but four OFs isn't the worst thing.