Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Please, no

Bernardo Fallas' new blog post poses the question, "Should the Astros sign Willy Taveras?"

And while the question is valid, because there's not much else to talk about, Fallas lays out the pros and cons.

For one, he is a known commodity.
And he would bolster the outfield depth.
Also, if healthy, he can put up decent numbers - his career high for stolen bases is 68 in 2008. He is a career .276 batter with a .321 OBP.

Taveras is due to make good money this year (about $4 million) under the contract he signed with the Reds...
...Also, the Astros don't have room on the 40-man roster and would have only a minor-league spot to offer him. With an invitation to spring training, of course.
And finally, the Astros already signed Cory Sullivan and Jason Michaels for outfield depth. Taveras does provide something the other two don't: speed.

You know who else would fill all of these needs: Yordany Ramirez. Young, cheap, fast. Just look:

I would think about using my Lucky Astros Shirt as a poo-scoop if the Astros entertained the idea of signing Willy Taveras.