Sunday, February 21, 2010

Oswalt's Back is back

See what I did there? Bernardo Fallas' article on Roy Oswalt's health has a couple of things for us to see:

“Back's feeling good. We're going to do pretty much the same that we've been doing. We'll do two bullpen sessions, two (batting practice) sessions and then start the games.”

And on the topic of leadership:
With Miguel Tejada, a strong clubhouse presence, no longer around, the Astros have been vocal about wanting Oswalt and Lance Berkman to make up for the loss from a leadership standpoint.

It comes as no surprise to Oswalt.

“It all goes back on me and Lance every time,. It all goes back to me and him every time. He's the third hitter in the lineup. If he doesn't hit we don't win; if I don't pitch, we don't win. We know that. That's what we get paid to do and that's what we try to do. And that's pretty much all we can do.”

TSN adds a quote from Mills:
"He's a good pitcher, and he's going to be a good pitcher for a few more years, quite a few more years. There's no reason to think that he's not going to have an outstanding year. I haven't been here in the past, so I don't know exactly what's gone on, how he's performed. I look at numbers. I just want Roy to be Roy, and he'll be fine."

And from Arnsberg:
"It's nice to be able to throw a name out there. You can always go back and reflect and say, 'Well, this worked for this guy. What do you say we give it a try?' If we don't, well then we'll wash our hands of it and we'll go to the next stage or level. I've got to find different ways, too."