Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Options: Paulino has them, the Astros...not so much

Bernardo Fallas' article on the need for Felipe Paulino to step up is not lost on Felipe Paulino. Or Ed Wade.

Paulino has an option left, meaning he can get sent back to Round Rock this year. If he gets optioned to Round Rock again, he'll have to clear waivers in 2011 - which might be difficult.

Ed Wade:
“You dream of those kinds of arms. He's got the tools and the repertoire. Having Paulino step up would be a big plus for the organization. It's getting close to high noon.”

“No one wants to reach that limit (running out of options). Last year was a true learning experience. I had an inconsistent year, lots of highs and lows. As a professional, you always want to improve...

...Staying (in Houston) and putting in the work was the right decision. I'm proud because I have felt really good physically and mentally (in camp) and well prepared to fight for a spot and win it.”

And Humberto Quintero helped him lose weight:
“We were a bit overweight, so I talked to him as a countryman and friend,” Quintero said. “I told him to stay and work with me. We made a deal, and it's paid off; we're in excellent shape entering this spring training.”

“It has been a team effort between families,” Paulino said. The wives got in the act, too, with Quintero's wife, Michelle, helping both develop diets and Paulino's wife, Paola, helping him stick to it.