Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Minor league update!

Zach Levine returns with a blog featuring some minor-league updates:

-T.J. Steele and Jay Austin will progress a level despite missing time with hamstring issues. (Steele to Corpus; Austin to Lancaster)

-Matt Nevarez could skip Lancaster and head to Corpus

Bennett, on Nevarez:
We're still getting to know him a little bit. He had a good instructional league last fall. We're going to keep the same open mind with him as we do with our other top prospects. His performance, to a certain extent, will dictate where he goes, but I'm of a mindset where we can challenge him. He's had huge success at low-A ball. He had a lot of strikeouts. The command of his fastball is pretty good. If he shows us that he can handle AA, I'd be open to it."


Richard Keith Winters said...
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Richard Keith Winters said...

Hey Astros County. Dominican Baseball Guy here. What's the deal with Jose Capellan? I was following his team (the gigantes) in the Dominican Winter League this year. He killed it down there, got named pitcher of the year. John Florentino(Hooks) only got in 1 game, but I got to meet him a few times in the DR and in Corpus. He is a great guy and I hope he gets a chance to play this year. Erick Abreu also pitched great in relief for Gigantes, but didn't see many innings. What do ya'll think about all these guys? Especially Capellan, like I said he was pitcher of year down there, great stats, but didn't seem to do that well in Round Rock last year.

tpack said...

Good new on Steele and Austin. Might as well see what they have, especially with Steele who had success when healthy and isn't getting any younger. Hopefully the ballpark at Lancaster will...boost Austin's confidence?

The Constable. said...

Capellan almost won the SP5 job for the Astros out of Spring Training in 2009, but Russ Ortiz edged him out, whereupon Capellan forgot how to throw the ball, or at least wasn't motivated enough to throw a strike.

I haven't seen anything regarding his status with the Astros organization in 2010, but I'm guessing he isn't coming back to Houston.

Good to hear about Abreu and Florentino...