Friday, February 26, 2010

McTaggart brings the noise

McTaggart's recap has a whole bunch of stuff to note.

Arnsberg's philosophy = start down in the zone and work up:
"It's easier to get over the top of the bat where they're getting the bottom half of the ball, so pop-ups and grounds are the key to winning."

A week-long Minor-League Mini Camp starts today! Who will be there?
LHPs (6) - Douglas Arguello, Brad Dydalewicz, Dallas Keuchel, Ross Seaton, Jon Switzer, Patrick Urckfitz.

RHPs (10) - Tanner Bushue, Matt Ginter, Kyle Godfrey, Kyle Greenwalt, Chris Hicks, Jordan Lyles, Dan Meszaros, Juan Minaya, Sergio Perez, Brandt Walker.

Catchers (4) - Luis Alvarez, Rene Garcia, Frederico Hernandez, David Williams.

IFs (8) - Jose Altuve, Erik Castro, Koby Clemens, Phil Disher, Enrique Hernandez, Jonathan Meyer, Jiovanni Mier, Brandon Wikoff.

OFs (9) - Jay Austin, David Cook, Collin Delome, Jonathan Gaston, Andrew Locke, J.D. Martinez, Telvin Nash, J.B. Shuck, T.J. Steele.