Saturday, February 20, 2010

Early reaction to Ed Wade's extension

There has been some early reaction to Ed Wade's extension:'s Victor Rojas:
In fairness (to) Ed Wade, he inherited a bad situation-doesn't mean I'm on-board w/ his moves, but deserves time (to) try & turn it around.

Circling The Bases' D.J. Short:
It's tempting to jump all over the general manager for the offseason moves mentioned above, but I firmly believe that Drayton McLane's refusal to legitimately rebuild makes Wade look ever-so slightly worse than he really is.

Keith Law:
#ownerfail #talfail #failfail #fail

“We feel this is very appropriate. Ed is an outstanding baseball man. He’s organized and has surrounded himself with a good, solid staff. Much of the work Ed did in Philadelphia had a lot to do with them becoming a champion. We feel he has us moving in the right direction to be a champion as well.”

More Run-DMc:
"We wanted to make a bold statement about the confidence that we have for his leadership, his integrity and the direction he’s taking the Astros."

Everyone is going to make fun of Drayton for the "champion" thing, but he's right. The Astros are not champions now, and may not have a chance for a few years, but the Astros are moving in the right direction, with solid drafts and international free-agent signings.

Wade has been hamstrung by huge contracts, and I've said it before, but the Astros can't rebuild with $60m committed to a few players. He's making do until his guys are ready, and if Drayton won't approve a trade for Roy, and Lance and Lee don't want to leave, there's nothing he can do. Everybody has a boss.

The fact is that Ed Wade brought Ryan Howard, Chase Utley, Pat Burrell, Shane Victorino, Cole Hamels, Brett Myers, and Kyle Kendrick to the Phillies while he was GM. It's worth giving that guy an extension to see if he can do the same thing in Houston.