Thursday, February 11, 2010

"Don't Overdo It, or You'll Get A Cyst" and other ways to scare young children

In line with going blind and getting colds from wet hair, Brandon Lyon has a new one: overdoing it.

At the time, I was [concerned]. I've never had anything like that, so I was a little worried. When I got to Houston and checked it out, I was relieved it wasn't anything major. I definitely feel good about that. The only thing we can maybe attribute it to is overdoing it a little bit. That's the only thing I know and can come up with. In the MRI in December it was there, but it started to enlarge in a month to where it became a problem."

But everything is sunshine and corndogs now!
"The problem and what has caused me to be behind is the strength I've lost over the last couple of weeks in my back. It drained out one my muscles completely in my back and shoulder. I didn't have any strength doing exercises. I'm building that back up to get it to the way it was before. It doesn't come back overnight. That's the only problem with it now. I'm getting the strength back and starting the throwing program like I stared day one in the off-season. I'm definitely excited to put some names with the faces and meet up with everybody. I'm working for another great season."