Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Brocail to move into advisory role

Doug Brocail will be working for the Astros on an informal basis, now that he's retired, and all.

Ed Wade:
"We just talked to see if he wanted to put his toe in the water, sample this side of the business, and see what it's all about. We talked about him coming to spring training, during the latter stages of camp, and spending some time with our pro scouts. Doug will also spend some time in our minor league camp...

...We would like for him to watch our minor league clubs play and give us an independent evaluation of the pitching in our minor leagues. His role with us would be similiar to what Enos Cabell and Cheo are doing, but on a less extensive basis. I also want him to come to Minute Maid Park and sit in the general manager's box during games. Where it leads remains to be seen."

I think I have something to contribute. I didn't win a ring playing, so you never know. I honestly felt when I was playing that when I said I'm done, I'm done, but I don't feel that way anymore. I believe there is value to have players with extensive Major League experience to remain in the game. I'm pretty good at getting the best out of people."