Thursday, February 25, 2010

"Bees in the handles" and other baseball sayings I've never heard

Ed Wade once said that Pudge Rodriguez "put good fingers down." That's a ridiculous thing to say, but I'm assuming he means that it means that Pudge could call a good game.

We can add Brad Mills' "bees in the handles" to that list of perplexing baseball sayings:

"Also on a day like this it's so cold you start taking some swings and you're going to have some bees in the handles, but I thought everything went well. I thought it was good to see the pitchers get through their routine and get their work in."

One person it did go well for was the aforementioned Chris Johnson, who broke Hunter Pence's windshield with a home run.

Cory Sullivan:
"The conditions aren't what you expected, but it's good to get back in the swing of things. They're anxious to get the opportunity to throw to hitters and we're anxious to see some pitchers. It's a tough scenario, but you get used to it. Every year you're still uncomfortable, so you're not used to it. Your timing is a little bit off. It's tough when you're timing is not on. It's always good to get in a few track pitchers at that pace and that situation."

-Mills threw a round of BP, and caught at 1B for Manzella, who hurt his hand:
"That ball's got good carry. The last one about tore up my hand. It hurt. It was freezing out there, so I said I'm not going to take his throws anymore."

-Brandon Lyon threw for 12 minutes on flat ground, and won't get on a mound until the middle of next week.