Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Baseball America lists Top 100 prospects

(Captip to The Crawfish Boxes for linking it first)

Baseball America released their Top 100 prospects today. Where do the Astros fall?

Jason Castro, #41: Best Tool: Bats; ETA: Mid-2010
Jiovanni Mier, #73: Best Tool: Defense; ETA: 2012
Jordan Lyles, #91: Best Tool: Command; ETA: 2012


Patrick said...

That's interesting on Castro and Lyles strengths

Hearing about Castro as of late you hear about his defense and how good of a receiver he is. The bat has been talked about, but seems like more of an 'upside' tool that hasn't shown its full potential yet.

With Lyles, i've read on how his fastball upped a few MPH after Houston had him abandon his cut fastball when he initially joined the org, but don't usually read about his control as being a plus

Steve Duer said...

I am surprised they see Lyles and Mier arriving both in 2012. If Lyles starts in CC as expected and keeps moving up, I would see him in Houston at the end of 11 but 12 is probably more realistic. Mier has yet to play a full season of baseball so to expect him to master A, A+, AA and AAA at a rate equal to Jason Castro, who was a college junior when drafted not a high school grad, seems ambitious to me. I think 13 is more realistic for Jio.

OremLK said...

Most prospect writers don't see Lyles as being ready for AA, which is why the 2012 projection, I think.

However, it's true that if he does start at AA and pitches well (both big "ifs") then he could be up as soon as 2011--maybe even opening day.

I don't really see him as that kind of talent, though. Very few players make it up before their 22nd birthday.

The Constable. said...

+1s to Patrick, Steve, and OremLK