Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Are. You. Kidding. Me.

Holy Hannah. It's worse than we thought.

The Astros are actually considering bringing him back.

Ed Wade:
If Willy clears waivers, we would be interested in talking to him about a non-roster opportunity. He would have to come in and compete for one of the extra outfield spots. Because of our familiarity with Willy and the fact that he brings an element of speed, it would make sense to give him an opportunity to at least come in and compete. I wouldn't make any promises beyond giving him a chance to compete."

Look, I've been out of college for eight years now (pause for snivelling) and I know enough that, as a professional, you are to pattern yourself after someone who looks like they know what they're doing. And what did the Oakland A's do immediately upon receiving Willy Taveras? Designated him for assignment. That's not a coincidence.

Circling the Bases has this quote from Ed Wade (via Jerry Crasnick):
"Willy brings the speed element and he's a very popular guy in town and with our organization."

That's false. Patently, I might add.

Come to think of it, the perennially disappointing Taveras should fit right in with the Astros' crop of aging, overpaid veterans. It's going to be a long season in oil country.

Chip Bailey has this: The five reasons to sign Willy Taveras. I'll give you the rundown, and you can click it and read the thought process behind each point.

1. $400,000 contract
2. He's fast.
3. He's a good late inning defensive replacement
4. Tradeability
5. Who else are you going to use? Yordany or Bogusevic?

While it may be in Houston's interest to re-sign Taveras, he will likely want to go to a team that will give him a chance to play. Barring a major injury, it's not likely he'll have that opportunity in Houston. Michaels and Darin Erstad managed only 302 at bats between them in 2009 and Willy's poor batting average isn't likely to get him first-hitter-off-the-bench nominations from Brad Mills.

Okay, I can't argue with with the cheap, fast part. But his OPS was .559. .559! Yordany Ramirez should be able to do that. Jeebus, if he can't, drop him like 3rd period French. And he's at least a new face. I thought the problem with the fan's perception of the Astros was that they brought in previously underwhelming retreads. Is there a better definition of that than Willy Taveras? No. I'd rather see Yordany Ramirez strike out 54 times in 49 ABs than see the Astros bring back Willy Taveras. I don't care how cheap and fast he is.

If Taveras comes to Spring Training looking for a job, let's all go down to Kissimmee and help Brian Bogusevic do speed drills. Please, Ed Wade, don't let this happen.