Monday, January 18, 2010

Wright, on his Excellent Dominican Experience

McTaggart has a new article up on Wesley Wright, who went to the Caribbean to get stretched out to try to become a starter.

"It was a good experience. I really enjoyed it. It was something that gives me a lot of confidence going into Spring Training, knowing that I have a recent history of being in the starting position. It's exciting. I'm looking forward to Spring Training and seeing the possibilities...

...For me, I just want to be as versatile as possible. Versatility is the key to being able to stick around. The fact that I have been in the bullpen in the past and knowing I could go back, that's a good thing. Whatever to help the team win is a good thing. We'll see once Spring Training gets here...

...The main thing for me was learning how to face the lineup the second time around, just being able to make the adjustments to keep the guys off balance. The first time guys are trying to get a feel for you, and the second time they have a feel for what you have and you make the adjustments you need to make."

"We thought he did fine. We thought it was well worth the environment for him to go down there and get stretched out and be prepared to compete for a spot in the rotation and see where it goes. It certainly gives us another option from a starting point and broadens Wesley's horizons with regards to the different things he can do for the club...

...All avenues are open for him. Being left-handed, he brings significant value to the club. We're pretty confident that Tim Byrdak assumes a role as one of the lefties in the bullpen. If we were to decide to go with a second one, Wesley at this point in time has a great chance to stick in that role. But again, we'll go into Spring Training with an open mind."

The most interesting thing for me is that it doesn't sound as if Wright has a spot guaranteed in the bullpen. Obviously he's eligible to head to Round Rock (he has two options left - if my calculations are correct - having spent all of 2008 with the Big Club, thanks to the requirements of the Rule 5 draft), but I guess I just assumed that Wright would be an extra lefty. Of course, with the signings of Lyon and Lindstrom, there are two fewer bullpen spots available.