Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Roy moderately confident his back problems are a fluke

But he is feeling good well. And the panic is mostly our fault. And the WBC's.

"I'm doing all the exercises they showed me to do as far as strengthening the lower back and doing a little bit less long cardio and a little more short stuff, like quick bursts here and there. Instead of running three or four miles, I'm trying to do a little more accelerating stuff. I think people read into it a little too much (into) it. I'll be ready when it gets time to go. This new workout stuff should help a lot...

I feel like I'm getting in shape quicker this way. I just started throwing this week. I've been lifting [weights] for couple of months now, and it seems like it's coming together well."

Noting that he had been pitching at form for five extra starts, Roy said:
"I only missed three starts and started five in the WBC, so that's 35 starts. I think I'll be in good shape. [The back problem] is not in the back of my head or anything like that. If I have to, I can pitch through it and hopefully for the entire season I'll be pain-free."

Hey, but what about 2010?
"I think we're going to be OK if Myers comes in and pitches good and Wandy pitches the way he did last year. The biggest thing is health. Most teams you see in the World Series, they stay healthy the whole year. That's the biggest key in the big leagues. The talent is there, but we have to put it all together and stay healthy. Adding a new manager and a pitching coach is a help for us."

Those are two big "Ifs."

On Mills:
"I think it's going to work out well. He fits our club well. We have some guys on the team that have the same background as he does. A lot of people from the side don't know what it's like to get on the field. Being out there, he can understand how hard the game is, and you learn a lot from guys who had trouble getting through the season when they're hurting."

Maybe I'm one of the people from the side. But Cooper should theoretically have understood that, too...