Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Now that the turkey has worn off, baseball apparently will wake up

From McTaggart's new blog post:

Ed Wade:
"It's pretty quiet, even from an industry standpoint. I talked to some other clubs and talked a few agents over the holidays and things seem to be very quiet on just about every front. That will change now that everybody is back from the holidays and we've still got a rather large list of free agents out there. By virtue of the fact you have a lot of players on the free agent market, that could have an impact on trade discussions as well. It's not a great trade environment at this point in time because teams will wait to see if they can satisfy their needs through free agency rather than giving up players in return."

Maybe you've thought that it would be smart to lock up Hunter Pence and Michael Bourn to long-term deals, and that this might even save The Apparatus some money, provided that there's no real reason to think that Wandy and Pence can't repeat their 2009 performances (Bourn...there's a possibility he won't repeat 2009) and avoid what could possibly be contentious arbitration negotiations. You would be wrong.

"At this point, our focus is going to be a year at a time. That could change, but at this point we think it's proven to stay short versus long. Our goal and our expectation is to get all of our eligible players signed and not have to go through the process itself."

How do you feel about this?