Monday, January 11, 2010

Myers in Houston for physical

Fox 26 got all weird and met Brett Myers at the airport, as he arrived for his physical.

What did he have to say?
"I'm working out. I'm busting my rear end to get out and win twenty games. That's been my goal every year and I've come up short. But just need a little luck and hopefully just go from there. I've been battling this hip injury that I just had fixed last season. I think that that held me back for a couple of years. But it's all healthy now...

...They have faces that I know - Pedro Feliz, Michael Bourn, Jason Michaels. And of course Ed Wade. I think it's going to be a fun season. It's somewhere I've wanted to play for a while because you feel comfortable when you come to Texas. Hopefully we can put something together and make it fun for everybody...

...They (the Astros) have a good team. They were able to beat us (6-2 record in 2009) and put it on us pretty good. That was one of the indicators right there they can play with the best. We went to the World Series last year and they were able to beat us with no problem."

While trying to butter me up with how awesome Texas is smacks of lamity, it totally worked.