Thursday, January 14, 2010

My, what big words you have, Brian McTaggart

McTaggart's new article is up, and it is bulging with hope from the opening paragraph:

Brad Arnsberg doesn't promise to turn the Astros' pitching staff into the best in the National League. He doesn't pretend he's the key to turning Felipe Paulino into a bona fide big league starter or put Roy Oswalt back on track. But don't be surprised if he does.

"The biggest thing I've always said is the key for a pitching coach is earning their trust. Letting them know that basically I am an extension of them and vice versa. The trust factor is so key. It works that way in everyday life, and when you have trust of the pitchers, you can tell them to stand on top of their heads and try something and they will give it a try...

...It's my job to express the level of importance and being good at the little things, the bunting and moving guys over and all the things that go into it, especially with a starting pitcher. A starting pitcher could pitch an extra 15 to 20 innings or as many as 30 or 40 innings, if he was a decent hitter or good at getting bunts down...

...I know with the guys I've worked with in the past, we've prepared to go out there and throw 95 to 115 pitches every fifth day, and I really want to instill that into our guys. I want them to understand we're going to try to work as deep as we can, and the more innings we compile as a starting pitching staff the less we ask of our bullpen, which means guys are more rested. Instead of appearing in four or five games a week, they [relievers] can appear in three or four or two or three. It makes it easier for them to go out there and work their magic."

That's a whole lot of awesome, right there.