Thursday, January 28, 2010

Kaz Matsui, an IndyCar driver, an MMA fighter, and Koji Uehara walk into a bar...

The best part is that I'm not even kidding.

Matsui holds a training camp in Tokyo, and 2008 IndyCar Rookie of the Year Hideki Mutoh, MMA fighter Hideo Tokoro, and Orioles pitcher Koji Uehara is working out with Kaz.

"I met Matsui when we were racing in Kentucky in 2008, and he came to the race when he was in town for a game (at Cincinnati). He was holding a private training camp in Tokyo and invited me."

What do they work on?
Though the camp is focused on baseball skills, Mutoh has been able to apply the training to skills he uses in racing. Mutoh has participated in speed and coordination training, including sprint drills and games of catch to improve his hand/eye coordination.

Too many jokes. Brain shutting down.