Monday, January 11, 2010

The Huffington Post agrees with us

I don't think any of us are real excited about the idea of Moehler bumping Paulino from the rotation. I think we can agree that Moehler is the one who should be bumped from the rotation by the Myers signing, and the Huffington Post agrees.

It's not just that Norris (4.38 xFIP, 4.25 tERA) and Paulino (4.10 xFIP, 4.07 tERA) are likely better than Moehler (4.67 xFIP, 4.49 tERA), but also that, if Houston has any sense of building for the future, it would make a priority of developing the two young pitchers with upside. Brian Moehler is the absolute knownest of the known quantities.

I'm worried, though. I'm worried that the Astros will somehow see fit to go with Moehler. Yes, there's a chance that they're creating the illusion of a competition so's to prevent their young starters from becoming complacent, but I'm worried that's not the case. I'm worried they like Brian Moehler. I'm worried he'll be their fifth starter heading into the season.

Here's how I'll feel if such a thing were to happen: sad. Not joking-around sad, but legitimately sad.

Me too.