Sunday, January 17, 2010

GMs still don't get it about Tejada, and the GIDPs

The Boston Globe's Nick Cafardo's new column is up, and in his closing randomness has a note about Tejada's continued unemployment:

Someone is going to get a .300 hitter who can drive the ball into the gaps, play every day, and be a good clubhouse presence. And they’re going to get him for a year or two at little money. One NL general manager who considered Tejada said, "He’s been in the right ballpark [Houston] to hit the doubles, but he’s also a double-play machine. Not sure, also, whether the conversion to third base will be as seamless as people think. Having said that, someone is going to get a pretty good player."

What's wrong with you people! Haven't you read this post?!

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Ryan Sides said...

Are you surprised? There's the old joke about "lies, damned lies and statistics", but some of these people actually believe that and don't really understand or want to understand the value in them. (Not that I'm discounting scouting -- a good approach takes both disciplines into consideration... I just think too many people ignore what stats can offer.)